Interval Training – How to Get in and Out of the Gym Faster

Interval training is a great way to burn calories while building lean muscle. As the name suggests, it involves working out the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems at the same time. The intensity and duration of intervals vary. The duration and intensity of each interval should be adjusted to ensure safe and effective workouts. This workout is also not appropriate for beginners. You should consult a doctor before beginning this exercise routine. It is recommended to consult a personal trainer or doctor before beginning any type of interval training program.

Beginners should begin with cardio exercises first and build their stamina through these exercises. Once they reach an intermediate level, they can incorporate interval training into their regular gym routine. They will burn more calories and build more muscle, but you can also get in and out of the gym faster by adding interval training into your routine. Listed below are some exercises to try:

Increase your resistance as you increase the duration of each interval. Generally, you should aim to reach 85 per cent of your maximum heart rate or a rating of eight or nine on a scale of 10. For the final interval, aim to maintain the same pace as the first interval. If you start off too fast, you risk harming the rest of your session or your next workout. Likewise, if you finish strongly, you will feel more confident.

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