Kutumb – A Social Network For Communities of All Sizes

“Kutumb” was a daily Indian television drama that aired on Sony Entertainment Television from 29 October 2001 to 7 February 2003. The series ran for two seasons but was not connected in any way. The story revolved around the lives of street children from Varanasi, where the app’s developers provide shelter and education to these children. In addition, Kutumb’s creators believe that the app can help save lives and help improve society in general.
Kutumb is a social community app

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With over 1.25 Cr downloads, Kutumb is a private social network for communities of all sizes. The community approach is important in India with over 20000 social groups, 1000s of non-governmental organizations, and hundreds of unique professions. The app’s mission is to build a new edge social network for millions of users. This means creating visual and creative content that can attract and engage users. In this article, we’ll take a look at the app’s features and benefits.
It provides shelter and education to street children in Varanasi

Kutumb is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and education to street children in Varasi. The shelter houses 30 orphans who were rescued from the streets, as well as 60 street children who need a safe place to live. Children can receive a variety of services, such as daily meals and education, and teachers at Kutumb work to inspire them to learn.
It has raised funding from world-class VCs and angel investors

In a recent fundraising round, Kutumb has received $1.2 million from world-class VCs and angels, including Rocketship, which recently invested in 15 startups. The network has backed over 50 startups. Some of its portfolio companies include Audacy, Blusmart, S3V Vascular Technologies, and PaySense. Kutumb was founded by former Tata Group executives Abhijeet Kumar and Vijay Kedia, who have a combined wealth of over $50 million in investments.
It allows you to create communities

If you’re looking to create a community, Kutumb is the tool for you. It features a modular system of modules, allowing you to customize the platform to meet your needs. It claims to have over 15,000 communities and plans to become a single lacquer in twelve to eighteen months. With its streamlined design, Kutumb makes it easy to create a community of any type and allows you to interact with other members from around the world.
It allows you to share your referrer code on WhatsApp

To get started with your referral program, you can send a message to your friends and share your referrer code on WhatsApp. First, sign in to your Kutumb account and choose a friend or relative who has WhatsApp. Once your friend has added Kutumb to their contacts, they can use the app to send their referral code to all their friends. You can also share your referral link via email, Facebook, or SMS.

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