Empties For Empower

If you’re tired of storing and throwing out empty bottles and cans, consider donating them to the nonprofit organization, Empties for Empower. Not only does this organization help people in need while also giving back to the community, but it also provides a career for people with disabilities. You can make a donation of any type to this nonprofit organization. The next time you’re at a party, think about donating some empty bottles to Empties for Empower.

Empties have a figurative meaning. They indicate empty spaces that are devoid of content or accustomed contents. Empty space is also referred to as vacant or blank. Blank and void surfaces are devoid of any markings and are meaningless. Similarly, empty life denotes lack of purpose and meaning. The words empty and vacant are often used interchangeably. Empty and vacant have a wide variety of meanings and are used to describe various spaces and situations.

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