What is Boxing betting? Learn about Boxing betting at New88

Boxing is a martial arts sport that many people enjoy with fierce matches. Today, let’s join together New88sg Learn about Boxing and betting What is Boxing?

What is Boxing betting?

It is known that Boxing betting or Boxing betting has a betting form that is not much different from other sports betting.

You just need to analyze and learn carefully about the fighters to be able to choose the appropriate odds New88 given to be able to bet accordingly.

Each Boxing match will have 2 boxers participating in the competition and you can choose many different types of betting on the odds table that we offer. The match will end or be decided when one of the two boxers is knocked out or the referee calculates the score at the end of the match. 

Each Boxing match will have a maximum of 12 rounds and will have many different weight classes.

It is known that Boxing is chosen by many men because of its dramatic appeal as well as beautiful and highly technical blows.

Basic Boxing betting rules

If you want to participate in Boxing betting, you need to firmly understand the basic rules below:

  • All previous bets on a Boxing match will still be valid if the match is postponed and is replayed within a period of 2 weeks from the time of postponement of the match.
  • Bets will be void if the match result is a draw
  • The match will start when the bell for the first round rings. If one or both boxers make a mistake when the match has officially started, all bets will be canceled.
  • If the number of rounds changes, the bets placed are still valid.
  • Bets will be paid immediately to you when the bell rings to end the match and the results are announced.
  • Each valid attack by a boxer will be counted as 1 point. The condition is that the attack must hit the target or hit the head.
  • The contact area of ​​the punching glove powder is calculated as the area of ​​the glove that covers the boxer’s knuckles.
  • Each point is awarded to a fighter when 3 out of 5 judges press the button to score a punch.

Types of Boxing bets

In New88 There are many types of bets in Boxing betting, below are some basic bets you should know:

Over/Under Betting

This is a very simple bet, you just need to predict the total number of rounds in the match or the total number of points scored by the competing boxer.

Usually, boxing matches have from 10 to 12 rounds and the house will give specific numbers for you to rely on to bet on Over/Under.

Win or lose bets

This is an extremely simple bet in Boxing betting. This is a bet that many people love at the present time when the win rate of this bet is very high.

You will bet money on the boxer you think will succeed in winning the entire match.

You just need to analyze the techniques and performance of the two boxers and find the boxer with a higher chance of winning.

Accumulator bets

This is where you bet on a boxer to win the entire match (ie this boxer wins all Boxing rounds).
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If that match has 1 round with a draw result or that boxer loses, the player who bets on the accumulator will lose.

Accumulator betting is known to have the ability to collect extremely large bets, but the risks of this form are very large.

Tips for playing extremely easy-to-win Boxing fish

When participating in Boxing betting, you only need to grasp some of the following experiences to easily win:

  • Learn and analyze carefully the boxers in terms of performance, skills, competition history,…
  • Choose the type of bet that suits you

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