What is Bach Thu Lo? How to play card game effectively for players

What is Bach Thu Lo? is a question that every player asks when first starting to know about the lottery. This is a very simple way to play lottery but brings a very high chance of winning. So what exactly is the lottery and how to play correctly? Let’s join jun88 Find out details through the article below.

What is Bach Thu Lo?

The term white lottery is certainly no longer unfamiliar to many current bettorsjun88 lottery. This is a term originating from the shrimp nest game and refers to players who only settle on a single number to win a prize. When playing the lottery, players need to have rich playing experience and good judgment to determine which numbers are the best.

In addition to clearly understanding the concept of lottery, players need to understand the advantages of this playing method:

  • Players do not need to invest too much capital: If you play lottery or lottery, investing a large amount of capital is inevitable. But with the white lottery, the bettor only needs to settle on only 1 number. This requires players to have accurate prediction experience.
  • Bach Lottery means the player has up to 27 different prizes in the lottery results. Therefore, the winning rate of the single-player lottery will be higher than that of the single-player lottery or double-player lottery.

However, this playing method is only suitable for those who love risk, because the chance of winning is 1/100. If you are the safe type of person and do not like breakthroughs, this playing method is not suitable.

How to play Bach Thu

After understanding clearly what Bach Thu Lottery is, next, we will reveal some of the most standard and simple ways to play Bach Thu Lottery:

Play double lottery

This is the simplest way to play card game and is most widely used by many lottery players and has also brought satisfactory results. The player will proceed to catch a double card by relying on the dumb head and the dumb tail.
That means you have to keep track of people’s lottery results in detail today. Lottery players need to pay attention to numbers with silent beginnings and silent endings to start analyzing and winning lottery numbers the next day.

  • Catching black lottery numbers according to the dumb numbers: When you look up the results table and find dumb numbers during the day, you should continue to wait to see if there are double numbers of that number in the next 2 days. If so, it should be kept for another 4 days. On average, these double pairs of numbers will appear on the first or second day from the day of raising.
  • Catching a double lottery number based on the silent ending: If you observe the lottery results table and there is a silent ending, continue to wait to see if the next day there will be a double number of that silent ending. If it doesn’t come out, you should raise it within the next 4 days.

Analyzing the lotus using the diamond-shaped method

In addition to thoroughly understanding what the white lottery is, players need to clearly understand how to catch the diamond-shaped lottery. This can be quite an effective way to play, but not everyone understands how to play.

In fact, you will use the numbers to arrange 3 consecutive prizes in the shape of a diamond. In fact, predicting in the shape of a diamond offers a great chance of winning prizes. Because the possibility of 3 diamond-shaped special prizes appearing at the same time is extremely rare. And once it appears, the chance of winning is almost absolute.

What is the White Lottery according to the prizes?

Catching white lottery players through daily prize draws is also the most popular way of catching cards and is applied by many bettors. When catching a white player using this method, you need to pay attention to prize 7.

The numbers in these two prizes will often bring an unexpected probability of winning. For example: If you see that the last 2 numbers of prize 7 are 09, the probability that the next day’s winning number will be 90 is very high.

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What are the odds of winning the white lotto?

The payout rate for lottery players is different for each bookmaker and lottery station. As follows:

  • With Northern Lottery: 1 lottery point costs 23,000 VND, when you win, you will receive 3 times the bet amount.
  • Central lot: the price of 1 lot point is 13,500 – 15,000 VND, when you win you will receive 5 times the money.
  • Southern Lottery: 1 lottery point is 14,000 VND, winning will be 80,000 VND.


Above is all the most basic and accurate information to answer the question What is Bach Thu lottery?? Lottery is a game with a huge payout rate, so it is loved and experienced by many bettors. However, to win and minimize capital, you need to combine lottery prediction with many other playing methods. If you don’t have much experience with lottery prediction, you should not risk betting because the possibility of losing money will be very high.

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