What is 4chan Trash. All you need to know

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What is 4chan trash.

4chan is known as a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post, comments and share images. There are various boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animation and culture to videogames, music, and photography.

Users do not need to register an account before participating in the community, you just need to enter their website and post, comment or share your images.

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Is 4chan trash a date web?

4chan trash is popularly know to be a date web.
The survey conducted on 4chan users showed interesting results. One of the best representations of the youth in the 21st century. “It’s total garbage,” Poole responded.

People felt its a total crap to answer such crazy questions. Also the survey though gave good inputs and it never proved anything big.
4chan is also known as a place where an overweight middle aged cyber virgin would go in to post anime porn and talk like Terri Schiavo.
The place is anonymous, because much like emo kids, no one here has any originality and they just post and repost something they googled and come up with some witty comment about it in the hopes of failing horribly and not being made fun of like they would in any other situation, like real life.

4chan trash

According to techcrunch

It says: Moot Over 4Chan User Survey: “It’s Total Garbage.”

Over the weekend, an interesting demographic survey of over 6000 4Chan users made the rounds of 4Chan, Reddit and also Hacker News. While if anyone is going to skew a survey it’s 4Chan users, the Google’s document with the responses given a lot of Internet ink, lauded for being “bracingly honest.”


I emailed 4Chan founder moot Named Christopher Poole in order to get his take on what one commenter called “One of the best representations of the youth in 21st century.” “It’s a total garbage,” Poole responded.


When he was asked if this was yet another example of media trolling (remember TIME’s “Person Of The Year 2009″?), Poole clarified “It’s ‘real’ in the sense that  if a random user conducted it and I imagine he collected responses on 4chan. But the questions, answers, sample, method used, etc are not exactly scientific. It is suppose to be taken with a massive grain of salt.”


4Chan user genkouhande, who set up the ongoing poll as project on December 24th, told TechCrunch that while all surveys do have error, he’s confident with the results, when they have included test responses like “Age: Over 59,” “Started masturbating: Over 18,” and “Time spent on 4Chan: 24+” to help trap the trolls. “As more people answered the survey the results seemed to be less chaotic and now been pretty typical,” he said.


Poole told us that 4Chan itself doesn’t collect any sort of demographic data and there are no plans to conduct any sort of official OKCupid-type survey, “Kind of defeats the point of an anonymous message board, doesn’t it?” Heh.

What else is on 4chan

There are lot of things 4chan provides, but its random board gets the most notoriety and again it is a very small part of a much larger entity.

This site does positive thing by creating a community and it also remains user-focused in the most basic sense of the term, and it also allow you talk whatever you want.

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