What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Services?

12 million people across the United States work in the technology field. Many of those professionals are employed in corporate IT departments.

It’s no wonder why businesses have found the need to bring so many IT professionals into their folds. What is more of a mystery is how some businesses, particularly smaller ones, can afford the IT support they need.

With payroll being the largest expense on most company’s books and IT services professionals charging a premium for their talents, you’re certainly not alone if you feel like you can’t compete with companies that can afford to hire hordes of in-house help.

Fortunately, the solution to that conundrum is relatively simple – Outsourcing IT.

Below, our team breaks down a few of the top benefits businesses like yours can enjoy by moving your IT services out of house.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Services?

Reduced Employee Liability

Many employers don’t think about this but the liabilities that employees pose to a company go far beyond payroll. Anytime you have a professional working in your building, you’re running the risk of slips, harassment suits, and other legal exposures that could be costly.

When you outsource IT, you’ll be working with an external vendor. That steeply limits your interaction and legal obligations to the people that are helping manage your needs.

Less liability means spending less on legal council and various business insurance products.

Lower Payroll Expenses

This is an obvious benefit to moving IT services off-site. Staffing an internal IT team means needing to pay a whole group of people a monthly salary.

That salary needs to be paid whether your business is busy, soft, or something in-between. And what’s worse is that IT professionals get paid an average of nearly $50,000 per year.

Hiring an external IT agency could be done for less than half of what you’d pay a single team member to work for your organization around the clock.

Eliminate Fridge Benefits

When it comes to managing payroll, many times, it’s not even base salary that puts businesses in difficult financial positions. It’s fringe benefits that don’t get accounted for properly.

Fringe benefits when it comes to IT professionals would embody medical care, vacation time, maternity leave, training, and more. All of those extra line items boost your per-employee expenses by thousands of dollars.

Outsourcing IT means not having to deal with any fringe benefits or separate payments. All you have to worry about is paying your monthly premium to your contractor.

Enjoy Seamless Scalability

Let’s say your business got hit with a sudden windfall of business, heightening your IT needs. How would you scale your internal department to meet those needs?

Would you bring on full-time headcount? Would you hire hordes of temps?

However you choose to manage this problem, you’ll be waiting weeks before staffing up to the point that’s required to tackle your needs, likely leaving you unable to operate with the fluency you’d like.

External IT teams are made up of bullpens of professionals. Those teams can add or subtract people from your account as your needs expand and contract. In short, when you’re working with reputable external agencies, you’ll always have the power you need to get a job done.

Shift Breach Accountability

Data breaches happen all the time. Even to some of those most notable companies on earth.

When breaches take place, companies find themselves needing to pay millions of dollars in damages. If that fate sounds like one you’d rather avoid, outsourcing IT services could be the right move.

Outsourced IT groups possess a collective experience that should increase your security and reduce your odds of a beach. Also, if a breach does take place on an external vendor’s watch, your company has some recourse in shifting accountability to that contractor.

Broader IT Perspectives

If you could hire a room of 100 IT professionals to brainstorm and solve your business problems, would you? We’re guessing your answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!”

Here’s the thing – External IT groups charge monthly fees in exchange for granting your business the ability to tap into their brain trust. And their brain-trust could very well be made up of 100 professionals.

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Would you rather make a $50,000 investment in a single employee or a $50,000 investment in an IT agency that’s collective experience could be the equivalent to hundreds of employees. For most, the decision is obvious that the external IT investment provides a better value.

Compete With Bigger Operations

Your small sports goods store, coffee shop, production house, etc. is competing with big brand companies. Those big brand companies have hordes of internal IT professionals managing all of their needs.

How can you compete?

Well, if you’ve learned anything from our post, it should be clear to you that when you outsource IT, you enable yourself to emulate much of the value of large in-house teams while spending less.

So, we recommend you get competitive and start taking a potential investment in external IT agencies seriously today!

IT Services Are Only Growing in Importance

You can keep telling yourself that IT services aren’t worth investing in or reassessing your investment in. After all, maybe you “don’t run a technology company.”

Believe us when we say that a great many businesses across all niches get left in the technological dust because they adopt that mindset. Don’t be like them and do start looking for new and innovative ways to cut IT costs while increasing IT’s impact on your operations.

For more information on IT outsourcing, IT costs, and related topics, we welcome you to explore more cutting-edge content on our blog.

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