Summary of effective and accurate ways to bet

Surely there will be many people who will learn effective ways to bet on vibrating odds and how to see accurate bets. Because this is one of the forms of vibrating betting that is loved by many bettors. Brothers and Jun88 Learn more about this form of betting to play soccer betting effectively. 

How is shaking odds understood?

The shaking bet is also known as a running ball and is extremely popular in soccer betting. This betting method will be based on developments during the entire official match time. At that time, you will be able to bet based on the matches according to the odds offered by the house. This form of betting is quite simple but the odds are extremely high.

But this bet often has continuous fluctuations, so it is difficult for players to grasp it accurately. The time for you to bet on vibrating odds is calculated from the start of the matches until the end. Each player is still allowed to shake until the referee blows the whistle to end the match, especially this bet still counts overtime. 

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If you want to find out How to bet effectively Most of all, you need to know the popular types of bets. Based on that, you can accurately analyze the situations taking place. The types of bets that you can choose from are: Odds for the whole match, first half bets, corner bets, overtime bets… 

How to predict football odds?

How to bet effectively and if you want to win, you need to know how to read the odds correctly. Below are the most accurate ways to read odds and they will help you have more opportunities to win. For example, if you bet on the over/under bet on team A and team B with the score in the 56th minute being 2 – 1 over/under bet is 1.5. Then there will be 2 situations as follows:

  • If the over bet is 1.5, there must be at least 2 more goals in the match for you to win. 
  • In case of an under, this match does not need to have any additional goals, you will still win money as usual. 

Therefore, the result of each match does not need to be known in advance how many goals will be scored because only when betting on shake bets will the results be calculated since you bet on the remaining shake bets with the same calculation as above. 

An effective way to play vibrating odds should not be overlooked

To be able to win when playing shake bets, players need to understand the concept of this bet. Along with that is the experience of sports betting when accumulating playing. Specifically:

You choose to run over

When playing shake odds, you need to choose matches with average or higher winning rates. You can choose major tournaments such as Euro, World Cup, English Premier League to bet. You should pay attention to matches that are close to each other in the rankings and should avoid teams at the top or bottom of the table. 

You need to calculate and carefully analyze the performance taking place on the field. If you choose, you only need 1 bet on this match. Furthermore, you should determine the capital amount for each match to create balance when playing. 

How to bet effectively with HT

Whenever the match has a draw score of 0 – 0, the Asian handicap will not be lowered for about 10 minutes of play. Then a draw will last for at least 4 minutes and disappear soon around the 9th minute. The odds in European bets are usually that the draw does not drop too quickly. If the match is over/under HT is not too stable, then you should play to a draw. 

In case the match has a difference in score and the upper odds but HT’s lead remains the same, you should play the upper odds. If the underdog has a score of 0 – 1 and sees a rapid change, you should choose the underbet right away. 


Shake if you see Odd 300 appear

Odds of 300 are an extremely effective time to help you win. But it only takes place for a fixed period of time, so you need to be alert to choose the right time with this bet from the house.

Usually the odds level of 300 is considered the most prominent and if you play shake odds or odds over 1.5, matches with this odds always appear. Even though these matches are considered the highlight of the tournament. Reality also shows that teams that have a reversed 300 odds can win FT.


Above are effective ways to play bets for you to bet at Jun88. In general, this bet is simple to read and has a high reward rate, so you can play right away. But because its fluctuations are extremely large, you need to consult and analyze carefully before betting.

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