Shakira thinks up another plan to avoid tax fraud trial after splitting from Pique


As if Shakira didn’t have enough problems right now, it has emerged that she has a dispute with the taxman and could be facing a possible prison sentence unless a settlement is reached.

The Colombian star is going through a high-profile split from long-term partner Gerard Pique and she is also having to deal with the poor health of her elderly father.

Now, the singer is being investigated over potential tax fraud by the Spanish authorities who suspect she may owe more than 14 million euros to the Spanish state in unpaid taxes.

Residency dispute

The case relates to a period of almost three years between 2012 and 2014 when the singer was deemed to have spent most of her time in Spain.

It is understood that Shakira has instructed her lawyers to attempt to reach a settlement with the authorities which would avoid the scandal of the case going to court.

If it did reach court, a prison sentence could be on the table.

Moving to Miami

In the midst of all this, it appears that Shakira is in the process of changing her permanent residence to Miami, Florida.

It is thought she wishes to close this chapter of her life and move on from what has happened with Pique.