Meaning of Wifi, Pos, MTN and Other Acronyms

Tomeanjng of Acronyms and word abbreviations are such a huge Part of the language, they help to make our conversation fast and give us swift expressions. Sometimes we do forget how important they are. Not only that we do forget how important they are, we also do forget some of them and their meanings.

Today, we will take a quick tour of some English acronym and their meaning every English leaner should know.

Hey reader, I have some special leason for you today on abbreviations and acronyms, so stay tuned.

1. WIFI : WiFi is a short name that stands for Wireless Fidelity. To connect with a Wi_Fi LAN, a computer must be equipped with a wireless interface controller.

2. MTN : MTN stands for Mobile Telecommunication Network its a south African based multinationals telecommunications company.

3. DVD : Digital versatile disc DVD was develop in 1995 and it was released in late 1996

4. POS : POS is an abbreviation that stands for Point of sales is a system of banking that make banking transactions easier.

5. DNA : Deoxyribonucleic acid, the chemical present at the center of the cell of a living things.

6. NEWSPAPER : How many of us knows that the word Newspaper is an acronyms for North, East, West, South past and present News? I guess you can assimilate that now and any where you’re asked you will nail it.

7. GOOGLE : The world most popular search engine Google means Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth.

8. DSTV: Digital Satalite Television.

9. RAM: The word RAM you commonly use is known as RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY.

10. ROM : The opposite of Ram (ROM) is known as READ ONLY MEMORY.

11. PIN : Personal identification number.

12. POLICE : The word police can mean different things in different countries but let’s taka a look at the two of the acceptable meaning of police.

Police: police as a governmental institute means: “protection of life and investigation establishment”

Meaning of police when referring to an individual : “Public officer for legal investigation and criminal emergency”.

13. EMAIL : Electronic mail.

14. Gmail. Graphic mail.

15. SMS: short message service.

16. ECOWAS: a body that check the economy of all west Africa countries. It means

Economy community of west African States.

17. A. M and P. M : pm is what is written after time to know whether it morning of afternoon

Am for morning

Pm for afternoon

Am means: “Ante Meridian”

P. M means: “post Meridian”

18. C.E This means “The Christian Era” it’s use as substitute for AD.

19. CCTV : CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION: CCTV can be described as a vedio surveillance system that transmit visual signals to a limited set of screen or monitor.

20. HIV: Human immune virus.

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