Law of American Samoa

When the king and his family seized American Samoa, they imposed the Law of America Samoa. This law gave the King and his family a monopoly over political expression. The monopoly was eventually replaced by the right of every adult to vote in elections. However, the economic basis of the data has eroded as the influence of the U.S. military during World War II displaced Samoans to the wage economy. Van Cleave, the defense witness, attributed this erosion to the U. S. military’s influence on Samoa during World War II, when American soldiers introduced Samoans to a wage economy.

The Law of American Samoa applies to certain kinds of offenses, such as assault and battery, and certain forms of bodily harm. However, dogs do not apply to minor crimes or offenses against the government or non-Samoans. In the case of a murder, fogs are not applicable. In a similar fashion, the Law of America Samoa doesn’t apply to cases where the victim was an adult.

The original Constitution of American Samoa was ratified by a constitutional convention on 17 October 1960. It was signed by the United States Secretary of the Interior Fred Andrew Seaton and became effective on 17 October 1960. On 26 September 1966, the Constitutional Convention of American Samoa began. It adopted several amendments. The new Constitution was promulgated by the Interior Secretary Stewart Udall on 2 June 1967. The new law went into effect on 1 July 1967.

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