History of Storage Devices

The History Of Storage Devices

Come to think of it, what will we be doing if we don’t have any digital storage,we may use paper to save our documents and go to develop our film to see the photos. Digital storage made our life much easier.Technology is changing rapidly.So,in this blog I am gonna talk about digital storage.

Many people don’t know that the first storage device is a paper named punch card. The punch card may introduced in year 1700s .In punch card,there is number typed on it and there are some holes punch on it.The machine or computer use to read or detect these holes and numbers and Show the information or save the information,but these punch card could not save much data.The punch card hardly save 10 kilo byte(KB) of data in it. On number two,we have drum memory.

It is the first magnetic storage device. Basically,it is a cylinder on which the data is written on its top/outside.It consist of a head which help to read/write data.This head set into stationary while the drum spin around the head.The drum spin around the head at high speed while the head waited for the relevant piece of data to come around.Although the drum memory save more data then punch card,but not equivalent to the latest storage device.

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It only store few kilo bytes of data.The size of drum memory is way more bigger than the punch card.The drum memory is quite popular until the 1950s. But when the memory tape or memory drive which introduced later than the drum memory gain more popularity than the drum memory. In 1940s the cathode ray tube used to store data,yes it is the same tubes which use in televisions/(T.V). However core memory is much more popular because of its low costs ans small sizes,the Random Access Memory(RAM) which is used in most of our computers now a day, is a good example of core memory. Unlike other memory device the core memory does not have any moving component which make the core memory to work faster.


The first hard drive was introduced in 1956 on one of those big IBM machines.It is a 50 ft tall drive but it only contain 5 mega byte (MB) of memory. In 1971 the most popular floppy disk was introduced.It contain the magnetic storage technology,because of its small size and light weight,it make to save small program easily.The first floppy was 8 inch big contain 80 KB of memory.but gradually its size decreases and the storage capacity increases to 1.44 MB,which is obviously not more useful anymore.


After that the zip drive was introduced which contain 250 MB of storage.After that the CD and then the era of flash drive starts. The flash memory first introduced in 1980 s .These flash drive has much larger capacity and low cost,after that the flash drive become smaller in size and larger in capacity.


The USB flash drive and the SD cards are a very good example.Now a day,these flash drive is available in more than of 512 GB of memory capacity,which use to store larger to larger amount of data.because these drives has no moving components,they only consist of tiny transistors which keep getting smaller and smaller,and faster and faster.


Now we have multiple terabytes of SSD’s installed in our computers and laptops,because there is no moving component,these SSD’s are way more and more faster than the older drives..


This history of Storage Devices enlightened us about how Storage device was discovered. Thanks for reading