Cardi B Burns Offset’s Chicken Wings, IG Flames Her

Cardi B Burns Offset's Chicken Wings, IG Flames Her

Not all of us are talented in the kitchen, and Cardi B is… trying her best. In one of Offset’s recent Instagram Stories, the rapper shows his followers some chicken wings that Cardi B made. One batch is looking pretty tasty; a few blackened wings here and there, but hey, we take those. The other tray, however, features likely unedible, extremely burnt chicken wings.

In the Instagram clip, you can hear Offset laugh and sing “Shawty burnt the wings!” He does admit that one batch came out good, though. “These good, though, I’ma keep it real, but babe, these right here…”

Understandably, the Instagram comments have been flaming Cardi for her cooking skills, and the replies are hilarious. Offset’s catalog with Migos proves that he, too, has experience whipping in the kitchen, and the two have been known to ball out at the dinner table at restaurants.

The two have been embroiled in some gossip lately, due to a rumored Migos break-up after the couple stopped following Quavo on Instagram. While it remains to be seen if the Migos trio is actually breaking up, it’s clear that Cardi and Offset’s relationship is going strong. The two celebrated Mother’s Day recently as well with some lavish gifts.

See some of Instagram’s funniest reactions to Cardi’s cooking below as well as the clip from Offset’s stories.