ASO Positioning: App Store Optimization and Marketing Mobile

The ASO positioning or app store optimization is a marketing technique mobile consisting of an optimization process mobile applications that aims to position an app so that it is visible in the top search results in an app store or app store .

Or what is the same, ASO positioning is the same as SEO positioning, but SEO is on the web and App Store Optimization on mobile. A good optimization and ASO strategy will allow you to offer greater visibility of your app in Google Play or App Store in IOS, and therefore, get users and installations for your App.

The 4 keys to ASO positioning

Now that you know what ASO positioning or app store optimization is, we will explain how to lay the foundations to apply it. Before starting with the optimization techniques, you should focus on conducting a pre-study focused exclusively on the app store.

To develop, achieve visibility and obtain downloads in an organic or freeway, an ASO strategy is necessary, which will include:

  • Thorough study of who your potential customers are and their behavior. Your previous target profiling studies will help you, as well as various online platforms, starting with Google Analytics.
  • Deep analysis of the competition, their branding, campaigns, their keywords and their ASO techniques. The goal is to reach them and then unseat them.
  • Keyword research of your niche in the app store. Be careful, they can be very different from the ones on your website, if you have it.
  • Review of the image of your app. Is the icon attractive? Is the design? If necessary and with the aim of obtaining more downloads for your app, review your branding.

Another issue that will come later will be that of user retention, that is, preventing your users from uninstalling your app, it would be good if you accompanied this pre-study with a study of your in-app users, but that is another issue.

Once the foundations for your strategy have been laid, it’s time to put it into action. If you want to know how to develop your ASO positioning strategy, keep reading!

How to do ASO positioning for your app

To start with the strategy you will have to design a complete plan with the main and secondary elements that will affect the optimization of your application. The operation of these factors will depend on the store in which the animation video maker app is located, but in this case, we will refer to Google Play and we will explain the 8 fundamental key points to position your app in the number one position:

#1. Application Title

The basis of any ASO positioning is the title of the app (regardless of the objective and the support), because you have to make sure that it is descriptive and explains what the application is for, it must also be short so that search engines can make a complete reading.

On the other hand, you have to bear in mind that Google Play “penalizes” the excessive use of keywords in the title, as well as in the description of the app. Be very careful @ in this regard.

#2. App description

The content of the description is the first contact that the user will make with your application when they find it on Google Play. For this reason, it is essential that it is clearly and simply explained what the app is about, what it does and what are the benefits of using it.

#3. Keywords

It refers to the keywords that will make the application appear in the search results, the implementation of the keyword research carried out in the pre-study. The proper use of keywords will be the cornerstone of any ASO positioning strategy, since they will make it possible for users to view the description of the app and finally download it.

#4. App icon

Your app icon should not look like any other. In addition, it has to be attractive and in turn it must explain what your app is about.

#5. App type

In Google Play there are only two alternatives: Applications and Games.

#6. Screenshots

The first impression of your app is crucial, so use this advantage to make a big impact on users by publishing eye-catching screenshots of your app, which summarize its functionality.

#7 Category

If you want your ASO positioning strategy to be effective, it is essential that you properly define your product for a specific category, although it may belong to several categories.

#8. App demo on YouTube

It consists of a new function in the Google Play store, which allows you to upload a video on YouTube about how your app works. They last approximately one minute and can be very important to strengthen your ASO positioning strategy. Use it to highlight the best points of the app!

Conclusion – Need for Professional ASO Positioning

Building a great application will not make you appear in the first places of Google Play, for this, it will be decisive that you execute a good ASO positioning strategy, taking into account each of the aspects that we show you above, thus you will increase your chances of being successful.