Do Not Search These 5 Things On Google If You Don’t Want To Endanger Yourself

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Do Not Search These 5 Things On Google If You Don’t Want To Endanger Yourself

The fact that Google is very good in providing quick response to questions can’t be totally disputed. Infact, Google search platform has been helpful in research and urgent suggested answers to questions. But it should be strictly noted that you should not search everything that comes to your mind on Google, especially if they are personal or private information. Because, not everything you see on Google are necessarily correct as it will only suggest some related websites to your search.


These are some 5 things you should not ask on Google:

1. Customer Care Numbers Of Companies

This is one of the most fraudulent activity scammers use to defraud people. They post fake business details and customer care Numbers to make people easily think that they are the original customer care lines, and from there, people are being scammed.


2. Websites About Online Banking

There are lots of fake online banking websites on Google, so I will advise you not to google your online banking websites unless you know the official website. If you want to do an online banking, simply enter the official URL of your bank.


3. Medical Advise

If you are sick, do not ask Google what type of drugs you are to take because Google is not a doctor. Go to the hospital and consult a doctor. Many people do search on Google on how to lose weight. If you want some tips about weight loss, consult your doctor before taking any medicine at all.


4. Government Websites

Instead of searching Google for some Government Websites, visit the official website of such Government because there are some websites which are baits from scammers disguising as Government’s website. So, enter the official URL of that particular Government, rather than googling it.


5. Medicines

Buying medicines based on the information you see on Google is very dangerous, so, consult the doctor if you ever need a medical description.

Maintaining a healthy status is very important, so don’t put yourself at risk due to negligence.

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