6 tips for B2B businesses – Get more success on social media

6 tips for B2B businesses

Should your business be more successful on social media? Of course it has to. Following are a few useful tips that can help you get started with your marketing strategy. Social media marketing has become ubiquitous in B2B businesses today, especially when the talk falls on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. But it’s not uncommon to hear marketers grumble about the results, with many of them saying things were better a few years ago. Others think they have never found the formula for success.

And to some extent that is true. It was easier to gain engagement on social media a few years ago. But a more compelling reason for the lack of success is that B2B companies simply do not do a particularly good job on social media.

Work with them, not against them

Any social media is a business that has to make a profit. To do that, there are a few things that need to be accomplished. They need to maximize the number of active users on a daily and monthly basis, and in doing so, they want them to spend as much time as possible on the medium. If users spend a lot of time in the feed, the network can sell more advertisements and that’s how they make money. So social media will have to make some rules whose purpose is to get people to visit them more often and stay longer. These rules are often automated and are called algorithms.

Define your target audience

Who would you like to get in touch with on social media? And why? Are you sure the target audience is present on the social media you focus on, or is it just something you assume? The more you learn about your target audience and their behaviors on the social media you have decided to be active on, the better you will be able to create content and engage them in a way that works for them.

And you will need to find out more than just what they are interested in. A far more important question is whether they feel like spending time with you on just exactly the social media. They may prefer a different network, group or community. You cannot just take it for granted that your target audience believes that a network is important simply because you have chosen to be active on it.

Create interest and highlight solutions

Your target audience spends time on social media for their own sake, and your presence needs to fit into that context. The best way to do this is to focus on topics and themes that interest them instead of spending time talking about products and your business. Share what’s relevant to your audience and encourage dialogue and interaction. Spend more time educating and entertaining and less time on product-specific topics. Unless you are actually promoting a product or solution.

You can also create a wiki page about your business or brand to help audience understand more about you and your service. However, creating such a page is a complex task and requires professionalism. You can turn to any Wikipedia page creation agency for any sort of assistance.

Be present

Too many B2B companies see their presence on social media as a one-way street – a place where you post your own messages and then slip away. If your company does, then you have a piece of work ahead of you. While it may be easy to overestimate the role one plays in the target audience’s world, they still want us to be there – active and ready to answer their questions. Social media is created around conversations and interactions, and you are expected to contribute to them.

Customize your content

It’s so simple. Take the video that was made for an event or for paid promotion and post it on your social media. Or, first you publish it on YouTube, and then you use the link when you post it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The problem is that each network has its own best practice for content – size, length, etc. The only thing they agree on is that links to YouTube are an automatic downgrade.

To make a proper impression on social media, you need to adapt your content to the different requirements. And publish everything native.

Keep track of developments

If you compare Facebook today with how Facebook worked a few years ago, then you will see some very big changes. And in a few years, it will all change again. Social media is constantly evolving and reinventing itself all the time. Not to mention the new ones that show up and the old ones that disappear.

To be successful, you and your colleagues must spend time being up to date with what is happening and constantly adapting your way of working. And you need to understand what is happening on each network, not just in social media in general. Even the smallest change can have a big impact and it’s extremely important that you stay well informed.

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