10 Inspiring Pets

It is said that animals inspire better humans than people. While all animals are beautiful and amazing, some are even better than that! Here are 10 animals that inspire us to be better people. First up, there’s Rae the unicorn golden retriever! This adorable little dog has become an internet sensation with her infectious personality and unfailing spirit. She has become famous since she appeared in a TikTok video that has been viewed more than six million times.

Another amazing story is of a Golden Retriever named Clarabelle. She was found living under a shipping container. When humans showed up to rescue her, she was terrified! She put her paws over her eyes, just like a scared child. But over time, she began to trust the rescuers and was adopted into a foster home. Her story shows that a dog can change a world. And there are many other inspiring pet stories to follow.

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